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Diano Marina


The territory of Diano Marina is located on the coast of the Riviera di Ponente, in the gulf bordered by Capo Cervo – to the east – and the Capo Berta on the other side.

The territory is made up, besides the capital, the villages of Diano Calderina, Diano Gorleri, Diano Serreta and Muratori. Diano Marina is bordered to the north by the town of Diano Castello, to south is washed by the Ligurian Sea, to the west by Imperia and to east by San Bartolomeo al Mare.

The main economic resource of the territory of Diano is the activities related to tourism, especially in summer. In particular, it is characterized by a nature tourism, which is attracting tourists from all over Europe, because of its mild climate. It is also important agricultural activity: in the hinterland of Diano there are several greenhouses, where it is mainly practiced the cultivation of basil, tomatoes and flowers. Very important area is the olive growing, thanks to the numerouse traditional mills it gives life to the production of olive oil “Taggiasca”.

Source: Wikipedia